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Acusttel carries out studies and projects of Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning, covering the needs of different sectors that need to adapt to certain sound requirements. Our experience has allowed us to work on several projects that cover (industry, real estate development, qualified activities, audiovisual installations and infrastructures).

Our experience

  • Industry: We work in projects of acoustic conditioning of industrial plants where we work reducing the noise of the machines, the transmission of the vibrations, separation of zones with much noise with the purpose of improving the quality of work and to fulfill the exigencies of the norm.
  • Real estate development: We seek to improve the quality of life of citizens by using materials that reduce noise emissions. In this type of project the conditioning is more delicate since it is necessary to take into account the proximity of residential areas and therefore the measures chosen are much more restrictive.
  • Audiovisual installations: Here we work in places such as the media, usually recording or reproduction areas where fairly low sound levels are required to obtain quality recordings. In this sector it is very important to choose the materials used due to the needs of this sector.
  • Infrastructures: We make studies for the integration of acoustic variables for the protection of the Environment, adapting communities and infrastructures to the fulfillment of the effective regulations.
  • Qualified activities: This sector includes all activities that produce high levels of noise (bars, restaurants, workshops, etc.) where the application of sound measures is required to enable their integration into society without causing any disturbance.
We bring our knowledge, experience and sound technology industrial sector for the assessment, solution design and implementation of corrective measures necessary noise protection.
The current implementation rules, the needs of its customers and for its tranquility, Acusttel is the safe bet to accompany you throughout the development of its product, from the studio acoustics, acoustic direction and the final work delivery the building with noise certification and noise insulation facilities.
Acoustic solutions “turnkey” project in which we include: acoustic project, direction and execution of work and final acoustic certification of the facility.
Design and implementation of systems and acoustic insulation in high needs areas of audiovisual, recording studios, conference rooms, radio and TV sets, and so on.
Acusttel has extensive experience in the design of new systems and engineering solutions to the existing problems in the field of noise and vibration in linear transport infrastructure projects developed for both the competent administration as the main engineering.

Silence is peace, and your room is Acusttel.

Our extensive experience and business path positions us as leaders in acoustic consultancy.


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