Enclosures for sound recording or playback require a perfect fit between the passive acoustic enclosure and active acoustics provided by the sound reinforcement.

The features offered on the premises from the standpoint of architectural and acoustic insulation, play a key variable for achieving the required acoustic quality objectives.

In Acusttel we design and execute the necessary space for such special facilities.

Acusttel collaborates with leading companies and electro stage equipment to provide a comprehensive solution to all the needs of our customers.

In each project, we select the most appropriate equipment, relying solely on technical reasons and functionality.

We define audiovisual infrastructure networks (pipes, wiring, junction boxes and electrical requirements) and audiovisual equipment. This equipment consists of all those audio and video systems that allow the screening, collection, processing and distribution to various audiences of all rooms of sound and images that are generated in a given precinct.

The sound quality of music or the word depends on the room where you listen.

The reverb, the homogeneous distribution of levels, the level of background noise, the intelligibility of speech, privacy, clarity, spatial impression and so on. Are the parameters that define the quality of hearing.
Our expertise, experience and knowledge behind us.

Action Fields

-TV sets.

-Studies of radio and television.

-Venues sound recording.

-Conference rooms.




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