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The project of a hotel, a hospital or a shopping center requires a special acoustic treatment and you need to define insulation, soundproofing and electro-acoustic sound reinforcement and installations.

In designing these spaces Acusttel in compliance with current legislation but without losing sight of the functional and operational aspect of them.

Our contribution in the management of these projects is from the initial study phase, in collaboration with the designer, the drafting of new plant projects or reform, the technical direction of the work, the final noise certification of the same and even the direct implementation of certain units of work.

In order to help you in the design and delivery of living spaces that improve the quality of life we work the Building through three different processes that allow you to incorporate an acoustic criterion in the value chain of your business.

  • Acoustic project

Design of specific acoustic solutions for each building project both at the level of construction systems and acoustic treatment of facilities. We provide our value and knowledge from the study and design phase to the closing of the final execution project.

  • Control of work

Control and acoustic monitoring of the work through periodic visits, inspection reports, review of construction details and validation of solutions through service tests during the work.

  • Sound certification

Verification through “in situ” acoustic studies of the final acoustic conditions of the building delivery in terms of its sound insulation and noise immission levels by installations.

  • Solution of pathologies in the building

In the face of acoustic pathologies detected in buildings, Acusttel can provide the most appropriate solutions after a study using sound intensity analysis techniques. These techniques allow us to locate the existing acoustic bridges and apply acoustic solutions of minimum aggression.


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