Acusttel workers take advantage of the confinement by putting a little out of pocket and a lot of their time collaborating from their own homes in the fight against COVID-19.

Several company employees are collaborating, in the manufacture of protective screens and masks, to help in the fight against the pandemic caused by Covid-19, from their own homes.

The workers have joined this citizen initiative in which they participate in a totally altruistic way.

We can all collaborate by contributing our grain of sand

One of the initiatives carried out by María José Carpena Ruiz consists of the manufacture of protective screens. For its manufacture she bought a 3D printer.

The printer takes about 90 minutes to print one of the visors that serve as the base to manufacture these screens, the plastic material used to print is sold by the kilo. It only takes about 18 grams to make one of these protective screens.

Another initiative managed by Pilar Gómez, the wife of one of the founding partners, is providing face masks for nursing homes, currently it has already supplied more than 100 units. Pilar continues to work on new units given the high existing demand and the lack of units for sale through traditional channels.

From Acusttel’s management we want to thank this solidarity initiative. You are an example for the entire organization because of your existing commitment to our society.

It is the moment to add between all and any grain of sand counts.

Acusttel committed to acoustic quality and to society

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