Quality, Environment and & Management policy

As primary and objective consideration, Acusttel is an organization dedicated to acoustics and telecommunications. The management of the organization,convinced of the importance of protecting the quality of life, collaborating with any organization interested in determining both the degree of pollution andnoise protection, establishes here those principles and actions that must governall its activities, taking always present the ultimate purpose of Acusttel, which isits subsistence in the market by offering truthful services with objective and totalassistance to the client.

Essential factors are those that objectively and realistically relate the servicesupplied with the market niche to which it is focused on and for this purpose,emphasis is placed on those principles that are considered to have a favorableimpact on the survival of Acusttel.

Faced with the new challenges in which we find ourselves immersed due to thenatural evolution of the market and with the primary objective of being able toguarantee our own subsistence, it is necessary to establish unanimous anddifferentiated action criteria in such a way that individual efforts are no longerdiminished, either due to a lack of clear guidelines or misinterpretations of thepaths to follow to achieve the established business objectives.

It is an essential condition that we have in all our activities the perspective thatthey must always be based on the fact that Acusttel is an organization based onone hand in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and on the otherhand oriented to the client, understanding its needs and expectations in such away that we achieve a balance between the client and the rest of the affectedparties.

Our global conception of the client leads us to consider the environment inwhich we operate as a client. In order to unify these criteria, it is essential tohave people who coordinate the activities of the organization through theconception of leadership to create and maintain the internal environment thatinvolves all staff in achieving the objectives, promoting the participation of staffin the active search for opportunities to increase their skills, knowledge andexperiences, while being able to freely share this knowledge and experiences.

The only way that we consider valid to achieve our subsistence, with leadershipas the main objective, is standardization and discipline in our work, which leadsus to the implementation of a management model with its adaptationsconsidered in the reference standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and ENISO/IEC 17025. As a culmination of “our way of working”, recognition byaccreditation and certification entities is essential, an objective that we considercapital for the subsistence of the company.

For all the above, the management team of the organization is committed toproviding the necessary means for the adequate functioning and development ofthe organization as well the support and collaboration of all staff is expected toachieve the new goals that we have set for ourselves.

The Management Policy developed here is not intended to be an immovable andrigid institutional framework; it is rather a reference that must evolve andconform to the demands and new strategies found during its application.


Antonio Piñera Lucas
Iñaki Miralles Martínez
Juan Luís Aguilera de Maya